To be profitable in todays trading world we give equal importance to fundamental analysis as well as machine trading algorithms. Our team has experts of fundamental analysis and machine trading algorithms. We strongly believe that all dimensions of trading need to be considered for being consistent and profitable.

"We have build several custom indicators for Identification of current market conditions"

Algorithmic Signals

It is humanly impossible to measure and validate several market technical parameters in realtime. We have developed several algorithms which includes fundamental and technical aspects of trading to give strength of market at given time. Our traders rely completely up on these well validated algorithmic signals for trading.

"We have developed highly intelligent algorithms for providing best guidance for traders"


Innovation has always been key part of our success. We continue to do research on mathematical models Of trading and implement for better stability and profitability. In trading world where 70% of market Volumes are traded by machines we continue to develop best strategies for our investors success.